When You’re Hungry

That’s the reality that many schoolkids across America face. Because the home life is broken, their ability to succeed in academics is greatly compromised. Domestic violence, poverty, and crime all contribute to keeping good kids from achieving their full potential.

National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative believes that this is a problem that you can beat. In fact, we’ve proven it. We’ve been involved in helping people just like you turn around the lives of schoolkids and their families for over 30 years. By partnering the local school with the local church, NCAASI believes you can make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

The only catch is you can’t do it alone; only when a group of dedicated people agree to do something together will you be able to turn your community around.

So, come participate in the initiative today and let’s put our kids back on the path to success.

One-on-One Mentoring

Change a life through reading with kids one hour a week. Youth who develop a meaningful mentor relationship with an adult are:

  • Five times more likely to graduate from high school
  • 46% less likely to start using drugs
  • 27% less likely to start drinking
  • 52% less likely to skip school

Start Today – Inquire with a local public elementary school about whether they have a reading program. For further information about mentoring, watch some of our free online videos or get your copy of Kingdom Quest mentoring guides here.

Get Involved – Organize a book drive at your church to collect books to donate to area schools. To rally volunteers, use our Volunteer Handbook as a template for your own church.

Join with Others – Start a reading program as a partnership with your church and a public school. To begin this program, request our formal training event today.

Feed a student every weekend through a backpack program. You’ll fill each backpack with food that the student might not be given over the weekend.

Start Today – Provide a backpack of food to a school to help a child whose family is in need.

Get Involved – Organize a backpack program within your church to provide backpacks with food to give to a local school. For more information on partnering with a school, watch our training videos here.

Join with Others – Partner with other churches to develop an ongoing community-wide backpack program that provides food to students who belong to families in need. To begin this program, request our formal training event today.

Empower a child to excel in their education through tutoring. Providing guidance and knowledge in areas such as math, reading and writing could be the difference between academic success and failure. Mentored students:

  • are 55% more likely to attend college
  • earn higher grades in high school,
  • have lower high school dropout rates.

Start Today – Try tutoring a student in your area of expertise for an hour.

Get Involved – Commit to regular tutoring at a local school for one to two hours every week. For further information about mentoring students, watch our training videos here.

Join with Others – Develop a partnership with your local school to provide tutors from your church. To begin this program, request our formal training event today.

Provide the skills that a kid needs to thrive in their daily life. From encouraging personal hygiene and healthy eating habits to resisting gang influence and drug use, you have a chance to help a child overcome.

Start Today – Volunteer to help with an existing drug-free program in your local school. Call your local school today to find out how.

Get Involved – Create video interviews with people who have been involved with drugs or violence for schools to show students during drug-free programs. For more information about rallying volunteers at your church, watch our training videos here.

Join with Others – Create a support and recovery program for students who are impacted by drugs or violence. To begin this program, request our formal training event today.

Inspire a young athlete to win on and off the field. Whether it’s football or chess, being the coach of a kid who has never been given the chance to shine can be rewarding for both you and the student.

Start Today – Become a volunteer for your local school’s athletic teams by helping prepare for upcoming games, sometimes called a “booster club.” Contact your local school for more information.

Get Involved – Provide safe after-game parties for athletes to attend. You will want to coordinate this with your local school. For more information about partnering with your school, watch our training videos here.

Join with Others – Develop a mentoring and tutoring program for local athletes. To begin this program, request our formal training event today.

Community-Based Mentoring

Rally your community by conducting a solemn assembly. You won’t be able to win this fight alone; it takes the support of others who share a common goal. Gather those who live in your community to strategize and plan how you will impact your neighborhoods.

Start Today – Commit your small group or Sunday school class to a period of prayer and fasting for your local school. Find out more about solemn assemblies.

Get Involved – Conduct a church-wide solemn assembly that mobilizes your church to pray and inspires others to get involved with the local school.

Join with Others – Hold a community-wide solemn assembly to support local schools through prayer and fasting. To begin this program, request our formal training event today.

 Partner with other churches to come alongside the needs of your local school. When pastors and church leaders learn to cooperate with each other, the results can be profound. Hear one pastor’s story of community transformation.

Start Today – Join a local pastors’ group to support one another in ministry.

Get Involved – Join with another church for a special service or a special event to promote unity within the community. To find out more, obtain the 8-part training series here.

Join with Others – Host a National Church Adopt-a-School training with other churches in your area to serve public schools together. Contact us to schedule an event in your area today.

Personal Development

Develop your expertise through effective training. Whether it’s gathering some knowledge about how to start a mentoring program or learning how you can inspire your community to act, we have a variety of training tools for you to use.

Start Today Watch the online videos about how to organize and launch an adopt-a-school program.

Get Involved – Attend or host an adopt-a-school training event in your area. To schedule an event in your area, click here.

Join with Others – Take a semester-long course on how to implement social-impact programs, including adopting schools, in your community. Enroll in A Strategy for Cultural Transformation today.