Church And Public School Partnership training

Discover best-practices in community outreach from the tried, tested and true.

One-Day Training to Change Your Community

Problems such as hunger, poverty and broken families have overwhelmed our communities. If the love of Christ is to have an impact in our neighborhoods, it will take local churches coming alongside those in need. We believe that a strategic outreach by churches to local schools provides the best solution to these problems. But how does a local church develop such a relationship? That’s where we’d like to offer a hand.

The National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative helps churches partner with local schools to transform individuals, families and communities. In this one-day training, you will learn how to analyze the needs of your community, engage with a local school, recruit and develop volunteers and how to raise the necessary funds to support this endeavor.

One day of training could be the beginning of seeing your community come back to life. 

Church And School Partnership Training Dates

Dallas, TX - October 10th, 2019
Church & Public School Partnership Training

Our Most Popular Training Module is this six-hour workshop offering pastors and church leaders the building blocks for starting or enhancing the delivery of social services to urban youth and their families.

Place: Dallas, Texas, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Date: October 10th, 2019
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Host: Dr. Tony Evans
Instructors: Bill Collins and Charles Wolford
Cost: $75 per person

Participants will receive an overview of the process for adopting public schools and creating programs, including school-based mentoring, to meet the vast needs of public school youth and their families.

Bring a training to your area. Contact Bill Collins to find out how at 1-800-800-3222 ext. 210.