I am a School Administrator

Being a teacher is tough in today’s shortage of educational funding, classroom sizes, low wages, and unease in economic times. Many of today’s parents rely on the school system for more than just instruction. The pressure to parent children often lies heavily in the teacher’s hands.

The National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative aims at solving these issues from the inside out. We fill the gap between the teacher and the guardian through providing mentors, school liaisons, and a partnership that assists in meeting the students needs where they have them.

Church and school partnerships lead to a better distribution of educational services from the teachers and staff members within the school itself. The benefits extend to the school through the assistance of willing and able individuals who fulfill the role of mentor. The relationships that are formed reap dividends in the community for a long-term measureable change within America.

This unique program bridges the gap of cultural, racial, and political lines through the commitment to the child first. Schools are approaching the churches to engage in programs like this, and those schools are experiencing the results first hand. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask the over 55 schools within Dallas County who are already being worked in and through to create change. The Dallas Independent School District named NCAASI’s program model ministry, The Turn•Around Agenda, the Volunteer Organization of the Year (2006).

“The Dallas Independent School District is fortunate to have The Turn•Around Agenda as a partner and resource in our schools. Their dedicated staff and volunteers work tirelessly with our students, parents and faculty, providing life-enriching programs that maximize student success. This church and public school partnership works and serves as a model program in our community and around the country.”    Dr. Michael Hinojosa,  Former Superintendent, Dallas ISD

Contact us to hear how we can provide you with the necessary materials to begin a church and school partnership dialogue with churches in your area. You can reach Mr. Bill Collins at 800-800-3222 x210 or by email: BCollins@TonyEvans.org.