Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning Opportunity

Now through a unique partnership with Moody Bible Institute, you can earn three hours of college credit through our comprehensive course: Developing a Social Outreach Ministry (PS-3320). This course includes a study of the missional ministry of the local church. Also included is a special focus on the development of practical strategies and skills related to the implementation of biblically sound social outreach ministries, including their fitness for a particular ministry context.

Course Goals Include:

  • Understanding the biblical basis for social outreach ministries
  • Exploring the processes and procedures related to the development of a social outreach ministry
  • Comprehending the value of social outreach programs for specific ministry contexts
  • Evaluating the philosophy and theology of the Adopt-a-School model
  • Discovering the necessary steps for implementing a school-based outreach ministry

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Crossroads Bible College Online Program

Distressed communities need trained leaders that can visualize a future of change and make it happen. In the Urban Leadership program at Crossroads we help equip you with new approaches that are designed for the unique context of dealing with urban relief.  Is your heart called to a blighted community to invest and make a difference? Become a trained advocate, to serve in a church, para-church, or non-profit. See metrics achieved.  Experience lives being changed.

Course: Online Program in Urban Leadership

Course Goals Include:

  • Studies in Urban Leadership
  • Models of Leadership: Global Context
  • Asset-Based Community Development
  • Urban Entrepreneurship
  • Systematic Theology

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