In 1985, a principal at a local high school contacted Dr. Tony Evans about an unusually high level of unrest at his school. At the time, the school was experiencing increased gang activity as well as other disruptive behaviors by students.

Dr. Evans responded by sending twelve men from the church to regularly walk the halls and to help restore order. Not only that, he gathered all of the boys in the auditorium for a time to challenge them toward making right choices.

Before long, the school began to experience calm and stability. Shortly after that, the principal was promoted to associate superintendent over a large number of schools and invited Dr. Evans and Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Outreach Ministry, now called The Turn•Around Agenda, to serve all of the schools under his leadership. The social impact of this school intervention quickly spread to neighboring communities as well. What began as a crisis intervention at one school, now has become pro-active intervention in over 54 public schools in Dallas County in four different school districts.

In 2006, The National Church Adopt-A-School Initiative (NCAASI) was officially formed to both train and equip churches on how to replicate this proven model of social outreach in their area. NCAASI promotes family and community revitalization through church-based social services by leveraging the existing structures of both the church and schools.

“The reason for the challenge that so many face is a result of the separation of the spirit from the social. There is a horrific disconnect between the role of the church on Sunday and the conditions of hurting people on Monday. This changed in my own life and family when my father discovered the life giving power of faith and began to integrating the spiritual throughout our everyday lives. This reality coupled with a mentor named Martin dramatically altered the trajectory of my life to where I am today. Churches are the natural organizations for effecting positive social change by transforming individuals one at a time. The church can supply long term holistic solutions for those in need.” – Dr. Tony Evans