What Others Are Saying

Hear from the Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo
“It is a complete program. This program is a beacon for Dallas. And this program is a model for our nation. They’re helping usher in a new era of personal responsibility that will make our families stronger and our societies hopeful … showing the power of faith to mend hearts and transform lives one at a time.”
Former President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush

Coach Tony Dungy

“What Tony Evans is doing is not just commendable. It’s absolutely necessary. It is a comprehensive answer to addressing the urgent and pressing issue in America.”
Tony Dungy, Super Bowl Winning Coach of the Indianapolis Colts
“It’s not overstated to say that Tony Evans is one of the inventors of the faith-based initiatives. What Tony Evans is doing is taking root all across the country.”
Margaret Spellings, former U.S. Education Secretary

Margaret Spellings

Rodney Cooksy

“I believe one of our mentors has actually helped to save one of our kids’ lives. I’m not exaggerating. I believe one of our mentors has actually helped to save one of our kids’ lives.”
Rodney Cooksy, Principal, South Oak Cliff High School, Dallas, TX
“We have taken all that we learned from the training to heart, partnering with our church community and collaborating with local government and businesses to impact both the present and future of our area. We owe a great deal of gratitude and appreciation to you for the vision God has given you to impact the lives of young people and effect real change.”
Rev. Mark Mitchell, New Hope Community Church, Kenner, LA

Mark Mitchell